is a metal band from Stuttgart, South Germany.
Founded in late 2004, they've played tons of shows in many European countries.
... Trying to keep the hardcore and metal scene free from racism and fascism.
Trusting in a punkrock way of life, tolerating others, fighting for a better world.
Still knowing that Rock 'n'Roll is a hard but a good path.
Mixing metal riffage with hardcore parts and pissed-off punkrock lyrics and vocals.
Feel free to form your own opinion and check them on a show in your town. _


Not many bands can tell the same story: these 5 youngsters from the south of Holland have played over a 100 shows, in some of the nation’s biggest venues with many international artists and got a solid fan base just in their first 2 years, with just a demo.
Since their inception in 2008 the band immediately began playing shows, and released their first EP in September 2009 tha...t sold more than 500 copies in just a few months.

In 2010 they began writing their first full-length, and it took little over a year to complete.

In July 2011 they joined forces with producers Bart Hennephof (Textures) and Yuma Van Eekelen (Pestilence, The New Dominion) to record their debut-album TRANSITIONS @ Final Focus Studio, Tilburg (NL).
The Band decided they wanted to make a record that doesn’t only sound good, but also would capture the emotion and passion the band wants to share.
WHEN ALL LIGHT DIES: “Releasing our first record feels like a fresh start for us; the beginning of a new chapter. The whole process of searching and creating a certain identity for the band made the whole process very intense. We wanted to create an album that doesn’t sound like anything else, it took some time to find the right direction. We are more than happy with the result”

With the release of TRANSITIONS on the 23rd of October 2011 the band is stronger than ever. With all the experience from the past years, the band has built a solid foundation and is ready to bring their music to everyone around. _


is a Melodic-Death-Metal band from southern Germany. Our first album "BERSERK" came out in july 2011. We are a 6 piece doin this for fun and not for the money...METAL 4 LIFE!!! _