Ab Morgens wird wie letztes Jahr schon in der Walter-Frosch-Arena gekickt. Die Teams spielen darum wer sich denn dieses Jahr als HallenPunkMeister bezeichen darf. (Anmelden könnt ihr euch unter untrainiert@web.de) Dazu gibts leckeres, veganes Essen, Getränke und wenns klappt Cocktails.


Abends dann die Siegerehrung und Konzert im Kessel


The Detonators

The Detonators are a Punkrock band based in Novi Sad, Serbia. They had been playing around Serbia and Europe since 2010 which was followed by the release of their first album Nuthin' To Lose in Spring 2011. After some line up changes they are back with a new EP R'n'R Keeps Me Alive on My Heart Records. These 6 new songs show that line up changes worked pretty well for the band and that adding a m...andoline to their sound was definitely a good move. The sound of this EP could be best described as a mixture of rockabilly and punk rock with folk elements and Rancid influenced vocals. Rockabilly lovers will enjoy it for sure, as well as fans of bands like Social Distortion or Dropkick Murphys.

Liberty Madness

Four Idiots playin as fast as they could (and even faster). Always a pretty wild party with the drunkest band you might have seen in your entire life.  



Enraged Minority

  Streetpunk from Rheinfelden founded in autumn 2007.
Since early 2008 ENRAGED MINORITY played more than 70 concerts all across Central Europe with some of the best-known bands in the scene like The Oppressed, Angelic Upstarts, Blaggers ITA, Brigada Flores Magon, Los Fastidios, Klasse Kriminale, Stage Bottles, Talco and many more…
In June 2010 ENRAGED MINORITY released its self-titled debut album with the help of Diffidati Rec. in Germany, Casual Rec. in France and Anfibio Rec. in Italy and received mostly positive feedback.
The significant lyrics of ENRAGED MINORITY are packed up in powerful streetpunk songs – always straight ahead and directly to your face!



Konzert 23.12.11
Konzert 23.12.11